Complete guide to Web Applications

Complete guide to Web Applications

The importance of Computers

The use of computers has increased a lot over the years. In fact computers have become a very important part of our lives. It is not only used for entertainment but they play an important part in the industrial, academic and medical sectors. However computers are not enough, to be able to use a computer properly you need to have access to a Web applications that will help you perform the set of activities related to your field. The application developed for each fields will have different properties or specifications.

Introduction to Web applications

Let us go over a list of Web Applications that we tend to use in our daily lives.

  • Chatting applications make it possible for us to keep in touch with our near and dear ones on a regular basis.
  • Video conferencing is yet another web based application that lets us have a chat through the medium of video. You will need a web cam for this application.
  • Emails were the first versions of internet based applications that allow us to send text messages, pictures, videos and multimedia files to people in farfetched locations all over the world.
  • Editing by using the internet is another example of web based applications.
  • There are certain customized applications that are designed specially to suit the needs of the customers.

However there are many tools that can be used to create these internet applications. Without any innovation the applications would not have been so popular today. There are many activities in our lives such as booking air tickets, shopping on websites and online browsing that require us to use various applications.

Valuable Tips for Web Applications designing process

Developing the application is all about constructing applications which are presented to the users in the form of a particular software package.

  • The foremost thing that you should understand before developing any application is to analyze its requirement. There could be many different requirements for such web based applications such as sharing vital information or promoting the various products or services. The interest of the audience needs to be taken into consideration.


  • The quality of technology is improving on a daily basis, and so you should use the best possible technology that is available. When you use the latest technology you can expect to get better results than before.


  • Users have expressed their desire for applications with high level of security, users not only use applications to buy things but to also pay bills so you need to make sure the applications are very secure. This basic ally means that the tools used for transferring any money should be very secure to begin with.


  • Before the application is developed the particular developer needs to focus on the kind of service that will be offered through a particular application. Data service, user service and business service are some of the services that are offered through these applications. As a developer you should also analyze the skills of the team involved in the development process.


The four steps of developing

  • The initial step involves preparation of the blueprint. The blueprint has the features, focus and the direction of the project.
  • The particular plan of the project is put together in the secondary stage.
  • The third step involves developing the application as per the requirement of the client. The application cannot be presented unless it has been tried and tested.
  • The checking of the application is done in the last step of the development of the application.

You cannot deny that you have to follow the Tips for Web Applications to develop flawless applications.

The Demise of the Super Programmers and the Rise of the SWIFT Empire

Do you think in code? How many lines of usable code can you write in a day?

Is it 10, 50, or 100 lines a day?

Is there a better way?

Some people believe that OOP or Object Oriented Programming is the way. Many of the languages today support this concept and distributive libraries abound going back all the way to the 60’s and 70’s, when Edward Yourdon began to make OOP a household word to developers around the world. Along with his efforts and the development of newer languages that support OOP, almost anyone can now become a programmer of Object Oriented Programming on a Windows System, write code, and make a decent living.
Let’s explore a topic that is largely ignored nowadays and that is the concept of the “Uberprogrammer” or as IBM used to call them the “Super Programmers.”

Super Programmer

Many have forgotten this concept in favor of easy-to-use module; sending calls and receiving data from objects and acting as if they were talking to us. This makes Window code quick and easy to develop as you are building on the work of those who went before. If you could have seen a Super Programmer in action though, you would have been dumbfounded. Thousands of lines of code seemed to flow from their fingertips and it worked the first time with almost no debugging required.
How many hours do you spend debugging your code?

Watching one at terminal while they were in the Zone was amazing. They seemed to hear an inner voice that was using their fingers with their eyes unfocused, not stopping until their task was done, and the completed piece of software was finished. If you looked at the source, it was almost a work of art in its simplicity and elegance.

Super Programmer – Their Demise

IBM was using Super Programmer concept when it created the first of its Chief Programmer Teams built around one of these Ubermensch. Therein lays their glory and their demise, because IBM did not have enough of the Super Programmers to go around. The exact numbers are hard to come by; however, it was roughly 1 to 100 regular programmers. If you asked upper management at IBM, it was closer to 1 Super Programmer to 1000 regular software developers. This is of course why the concept was dropped and alternative means were discovered and utilized.
This even today has not changed and resulted recently in the SWIFT Development System for creating iPhone Apps for Apple and other Smartphone products under the Windows OS or the Mac. There are not enough App programmers available to do the necessary work today. This seems to parallel what happened with the Super Programmers.

What If?

If you ever read the book “Writing with Power” by Peter Elbow, you will see a way to use both the Super Programmer concept with our current methodologies of OOP design together, as this writer did. These thoughts promulgated in the book are by no means unique. During the 1930’s through the early 60’s writers were generating reams of words on paper in a short time.

Walter B. Gibson one of the greatest of them could turn a large novel out in only 3 days. Just imagine writing an App that quickly. Could this same concept be applied to using Object Oriented Programming as well? It has never been spoken of ever being done or even mentioned at any of the user conferences or even online. Speed, number of lines, and word count are taboo topics.
The idea is valid though, writing code is like writing in a slightly stilted form of English. You could even compare it to writing in a foreign language if you wanted to.”War and Peace” was written in Russian. Could something called “Year End Statement” be written in PHP?

Writing Code: Compare it to Writing another Language

Writing code is very similar to writing anything else. Just because we use a synthetic language to do it doesn’t change things.

Each Super Programmer may have been a genius that we can’t duplicate and this is why we had to create the Object Oriented methodology that regular programmers, being lesser mortals could perform the same Olympian feats quicker and under budget.

A more interesting possibility is that Super Programmers thought and spoke in the language of computers. By using the same techniques of the Pulp writers of the 30’s, were merely writing down their thoughts about how to solve a problem, that when read by a computer got the results that IBM and the owners of the computers of the day wanted.
Therefore, by studying the methods of the past, we could possibly speed the writing and improve the quality of the code written today. Apple’s SWIFT development language is becoming the vehicle of choice if you want to write for Apple or other Smart Phones using the Windows platform.

Securing a Windows VPS Environment

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide a reasonably priced environment by which business is frequently conducted on the internet. Multiple successful attacks have diverted attention to the need for increased security measures to be taken for VPS. Although many providers do an excellent job of providing this, there is much vulnerability that still exist and the need for enhancing current measures in great. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated in their approaches, research into the trends in attack by type, method, patterns and motivation is helpful in creating proactive measures in the form of security tools that help to prevent the incidence of successful cyber-attacks. Sharing this information with the public helps to create awareness of what can be done to increase protection.

Windows Firewall security

Windows firewall adds a measure of protection, however; there have been countless successful attacks upon the Windows environment that indicates a redoubling of efforts and increased security measures. The addition of high quality malware and antivirus protection increases security but still more is needed with the evolving technology and methods that are employed by cyber attackers. Maximize the protection of Windows firewall by adjusting the settings to the highest level of protection that will still allow you to complete all of the functions that are necessary.

Windows versus Linux

Both Linux and Windows environments are subject to hacker attacks, however; ensuring that the best safeguards are in place with the most up to date information on current trends in attack patterns, behaviors and motivations is helpful. Linux is reputed as being more secure that the Windows environment in general, however; measures can be taken to ensure the highest possible security against attack in a Windows environment by becoming aware of the current threats and the best methods for increasing protection against them.

The security benefits of VPS in a Windows environment

Shared environments create the greatest risk for holes in security for vulnerability to attackers. Providers who offer VPS which executes as a dedicated server and provides enhanced security features such as the ability to function as a stand-alone server. Some providers are better than others. Be sure to research their track record and reliability prior to signing on with them.
VPS provides increased security because of the flexibility of having your own operating environment including the OS of your choice, software applications and environmental modification capabilities that allow for enhanced security.

Password complexity is now required

You may establish nearly any type of password to protect your data from hackers and the more complicated, the better. Sophisticated software that tries multiple passwords based upon certain data that is input will make countless attempts to access your system. While you may not be asked to supply a strong password, it is highly recommended.

Safeguard against Brute Force Attacks

One of the latest trends in Windows VPS hacking is known as brute force attack by default. Attackers use software that tries multiple username/password combinations until it hits the right one. Establish a lockout policy upon setup so that after a set number of login attempts, the system locks out anyone trying to access the system. When FTP isn’t required, disconnect it. In addition, avoid using standard ports; instead change them up to increase security.

When developing folders use unusual names. For example, login pages and admin files may be renamed to make them more difficult for hackers to access. This may take a little extra time but is well worth the effort to protect your data from infiltration and cyber-attack.
Keeping on top of the evolving trends in cyber threats is the best way of knowing which measures may be required to maintain a secure VPS environment.

Preventing Web Application Threats on a Linux Environment

The threat of web application attack on a Linux environment is somewhat less likely than in a Windows, however; it still exists. Criminals are highly attracted to Linux systems because there are high end machines awaiting access on the other end. They stand to gain substantially through a successful attack on Linux systems. Many medium and large sized businesses operate on Linux and depend upon the security measures to keep them safe from hackers.

Why Linux servers are attractive to cyber attackers

Linux VPS servers share a large amount of server space with multiple users accessing the network simultaneously, protection against downtime through server switch over and multiple shared resources. A compromise of Linux servers can result in mass damage for a business or individuals who are connected.

Although known for tight security measures, changing methods of attackers are also improving in strategy and success. Penetration of a Linux server opens the door for further invasion into websites that may be left unattended for short periods, leaving enough of a window for password hacking technology to gain entry. A compromise of the system’s security may go unnoticed for days which could easily result in potential ruin.

The servers are always on and available for access, they generally offer a large amount of bandwidth which can work to the advantage of criminals who seek to put their malicious code into action for financial fraud, identity theft, spying and spamming activities.

Just one entry into the system of a business can result in compromises that include data breaches, retrieval of customer/client lists, phone numbers, addresses, financial information and access to a variety of sensitive information. The installation services through a Linux are generally faster and any type of malicious code may be propagated at a faster rate to more users.

How to prevent web threats on a Linux environment

When your website is hosted on a server that is running on a Linux box, it pays to establish what applications are in place. Apache accounts for over half of all of the busiest websites on the internet. Linux and Apache are among the most secure in design, however; they have been victim to cyber-attacks and usually through PHP and SQL instead of Apache or Linux code. Some malicious Apache codes with vulnerabilities in the authentication vectors and several of the applications that are used have been areas by which attackers have gained access in the past. LAMP is the open source software ecosystem that includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. LAMP is used to create the most secure web server.

Benefits of Cheap VPS and SSD

Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) has an inherent feature that resists the effects of malware, Trojans and other attacks and in terms of security is considered among the most secure. There are other Linux systems and applications that area not.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a device that is used for storing virtual data, and is provides optimal security. SSD and VPS are not shared and therefore may be configured without the common holes in protection that shared servers can generate. Additional safety from viruses, security breaches and other security threats that is prevalent on the internet.

Select the best quality service provider

Finding a service provider that is reputed for providing reliable assistance and offers excellent 24 hour technical support is highly recommended. In addition, changing the default service ports of Linux can help to prevent attacks that access the system through this method as an increased security measure.

Taking protective measures to increase the security of your website by ensuring that the services you are subscribed for meet your enhanced security needs. Although many servers are adept at providing security, some rate higher than others.